Those fortunate enough to practice the art are often asked: What exactly is Tae Kwon Do? Tae Kwon Do combines sharp, strong, angular movements with graceful and free-flowing circular motions to produce a harmonious marriage of beauty and power. With the addition of unique, devastating kicking techniques, Tae Kwon Do is a complete, integrated, and peerless self-defense and personal improvement system.

Tae Kwon Do is the fastest growing martial art in the world today. The art of Tae Kwon Do offers riches to anyone who sincerely undertakes its study; a practical means of self-defense, a complete regimen of physical conditioning, and an aid to improved mental performance and concentration. There are no gender, age, or racial barriers in United Chung Do Kwan Association classes. Everyone begins equally as a white belt. Guided by the Master, your highly qualified instructor will help you progress at your own rate, according to your effort and ability.

Tae Kwon Do is far more than self-defense, kicking, punching, physical and mental conditioning, and philosophical study. It is the development of your attitude that influences every aspect of your life. Students, instructors, and Masters are all continuously learning and growing in Tae Kwon Do.

Tae Kwon Do training encompasses the whole body. You will develop and improve strength, stamina, quickness, flexibility, coordination, and balance. Coupled with a variety of hand and foot self-defense techniques, these physical skills are fundamental to the art and you can perfect them only through dedicated, tireless practice.

Mastery of Tae Kwon Do requires that you balance formidable physical accomplishments with the equally important mental characteristics of patience, humility, self-control, perseverance, concentration, and respect. With faithful practice in and out of class, the lessons you learn begin to overlap into all areas of your life. Mind, body, and spirit become unified and living becomes richer and more enjoyable.

Your spiritual growth is the truest definition of Tae Kwon Do. The literal translation means the art of kicking and punching, but the philosophical definition of ‘Do’ means the way you approach life through which you achieve enlightenment. So, it is impossible to explain Tae Kwon Do. You must experience it to appreciate and fully understand it.

The road to the coveted Black Belt is paved with individual obstacles and accomplishments. I can answer the question of how long it will take to achieve the Black Belt only by saying, ‘It will take as long as it takes.’ There are no magical shortcuts. No secret techniques. No mystical practices or occult books. Nothing will instantly transform you into a Black Belt.

Public attention focuses on the flashy aspects of the martial arts; dramatic board and brick breaking technique and razzle dazzle demonstrations.

Actually, Tae Kwon Do training consists of very little flash and a great deal of hard work -- constant, dedicated practice and tireless physical conditioning. With insightful instruction, endless motivation, and sufficient perseverance. anyone can attain their full potential in the art of Tae Kwon Do, thereby achieving a level of skill appearing magical to the uninformed.

It normally requires a minimum of two years of serious study and practice to reach Black Belt level. As you gain skill. you will earn several colored belts signifying class rank to mark your advancement. The gradually darkening belt colors represent hard-fought battles that you wear as a symbol of honest accomplishment. A truly successful student will learn to enjoy walking the path rather than worrying about the destination.

The two most common reasons for not continuing Tae Kwon Do training are becoming discouraged or impatient, and lack of self-confidence (believing you cannot achieve the skills required to be successful in Tae Kwon Do) I advise you to trust your judgment and know what a little hard work can accomplish. Get to class and learn all your instructor can offer. You will not understand many of the techniques and practices of Tae Kwon Do until you repeat them 1,000 times 1,OOO. So, you will train for quite some time before understanding.

If you conquer the temptation to quit, and challenge yourself, then I promise you a future filled with satisfaction and accomplishment beyond your wildest imagination. I have practiced Tae Kwon Do for almost a quarter of a century, and each year provides more of a challenge with a greater reward.

Many other rewards will follow your training; speed, balance, power, flexibility, endurance. self-confidence, self-discipline, friendship, and respect. An important ingredient that your UCDKA instructor offers you is a vision of your potential. Your instructor will help set specific goals for your situation, and provide individualized instruction to meet these goals.


As you train, always keep in mind the FIVE TENETS OF TAE KWON DO:

• COURTESY -- to your leaders, peers, and subordinates

• INTEGRITY -- of character in moral values and ethics

• PERSEVERANCE -- through easy and tough times

• SELF-CONTROL -- over emotions, actions, and words

• INDOMITABLE SPIRIT -- never tire or give up

We invite you to experience Tae Kwon Do with the members of the United Chung Do Kwan Association.You are in for a truly unforgettable experience.

Grand Master Susan M. Thayer







The United Chung Do Kwan Association humbly accepts the guidance and direction of Grand Master Ronald Rose. He is one of the finest living examples of the tenets of Tae Kwon Do. We are very fortunate, and we must always strive for excellence to remain under his tutelage. Just as the student looks to the Black Belt instructor for direction and guidance, the Black Belt instructors look to the Masters, and the Masters look to the Grand Master.

The UCDKA honors the undying efforts of the WTF, the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. Under the direction of President Un Young Kim, the WTF withstood many trials in unifying the practice of Tae Kwon Do. Dedication to such a difficult task must be respected and every effort must be made to support the cause.

Imagine the challenge of organizing 70,000,000 Tae Kwon Do practitioners from over 150 countries and unifying them through one Olympic sport.

Congratulations to the WTF on Tae Kwon Do becoming an official Olympic sport. The drive to persist in unifying Tae Kwon Do worldwide is a noble cause we must support so that the art remains pure. They make Tae Kwon Do a way of life, a precious gift to give and receive, a guide by which to live, and a vision of an enjoyable future.

Most importantly,Tae Kwon Do can build a more peaceful world in which we all care for one another. The UCDKA recognizes and honors the highly respected World Chung Do Kwan Association for producing the highest quality Tae Kwon Do leaders. We are very fortunate to be descendants of the great Chung Do Kwan Grand Masters Woon Kyu Um and Hae Man Park. Many of our instructors have trained under the Great Grand Master Hae Man Park, and it was an experience in greatness never to be forgotten. To claim your Tae Kwon Do background as Chung Do Kwan is to recognize you are a descendent of the most intense and powerful school of Tae Kwon Do!




In recent years, people have become aware of the term "mixed martial arts". This addresses the question that you may be in your mind; What is the difference between mixed martial arts and Tae Kwon Do?

As it is taught and practiced in the United Chung Do Kwan Association,Tae Kwon Do becomes a long-term lifestyle, very often for two or even three generations of the same family. You will benefit from teaching that is based upon philosophies, principles, mindsets, and techniques that have been perfected literally over many centuries. You may be confident that they will stand, and have literally stood the test of time for centuries.

Our teaching is very deep and detailed, but that does not mean that we are rigid and unchanging. Quite the opposite is true. Most of our Certified Instructors have over 10 years experience, some of them even having Black Belt experience in other styles of martial arts. They have chosen to become members of the United Chung Do Kwan Association.

BECAUSE of our strong and fundamentally sound curriculum, we have the ability to adapt and change to different situations and needs. We believe that to dilute the basics of our teaching could potentially cause a confusing and unsatisfying experience for our students. Our curriculum actually expands the number of tools that you have in your martial arts toolbox compared to martial arts styles that do not have centuries of history.

We invite you to join us.


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